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IS Housing Inc. is a Non-Profit organization that offers housing solutions to homeless families and persons in the community. We focus on runaway and troubled youth, pregnant teens, small children, and victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. 


IS offer temporary housing and classes to help equip families learn the skills needed to find and maintain their own permanent housing. Such as, employment assistance, job training, budgeting, financial literacy etc.  

Teen Moms

IS provides transition housing to pregnant teens and new teen mom's that may have ran away from or being kicked out of their home and now living on the streets. 

Emergency Shelter

IS have emergency shelters for Victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse & Human Trafficking. 

Food Pantry

Coming Soon!


IS provides clothing to adults and children in need. If you or your children are in need of clothing, shoes or coats, please contact us by phone or email. Someone will assist you in getting that need met!